The Best of Korean Taste


The World’s Best Taste

QingHeGu (青鹤谷)

Handpicked Food Ingredients.

World’s Best Recipe.

Highly Trained Korean Chef​.

We do our best to keep the authentic taste of Korea.

2008 Nov Launch QingHeGu (虹莘店) HQ Shop in Shanghai

2010 Jun Launch Nantong Branch (南通店)  in Jiangsu Sheng    

                                                                                  (江苏省), China

2011 Oct Launch XinChang Branch (莘庄店)  in Shanghai, China

2012 Sep Launch JingAn Branch(静安店) in Shanghai, China

2012 Aug Top # 1 Korean Restaurant in Shanghai

                      (dianping.com, 大众点评)

2013 Jan  Top # 6 in Shanghai, SMG-TV

2013 May Top # 1 Korean Restaurant in Shanghai

                                    by Channel Yourn (上海 星尚TV )

2014 Oct Launch Songjiang Branch (松江店) in Shanghai, China

2014 Jun Launch  Sun-Moon-Light Branch (日月光店) )

                     in Shanghai, China (星星炸鸡)

2014 Dec Television Documentary for Korean Wave

                     by KBS-1 (National-wide channel in Korea) 

2016 Dec Launch Zhenjiang (镇江店) in Jiangsu Sheng (江苏省), 

                    China (The Teacher of Delicious Meat, 肉先生)


2016 December up to now:

13 Branches in Korea, 8 Branches Overseas

Operation & Support